The Algoma Disc Golf Course

Located in Peterson Park


The Algoma Disc course is a 12 hole disc course. It is laid out around the outer area of Peterson Park. The baskets are mach 5 professional baskets purchased from DGA. The Tee Pads are Pea Gravel that has barn lime added to provide a solid pad. The course provides a variety of fairways running up and down hill and also wrapping through some wooded areas. There is a creek running through the park so there is some water hazard play.


All in all the course provides for a unique playing experience for both beginners and more advanced players with a variety of different terrain play. The hilly layout of the park provides for the experience of throwing down hill and up hill. Right from the start, players get to throw into the bowl like shape of the park to the first basket located on the bottom of the hill that runs along the east side of the park.

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